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      All rights reserved:Zhangjiagang Perfect Import & Export Co., Ltd.                                                                                     备案号:苏ICP备13055442号-1  网站建设:中企动力  苏州

      Perfect Import & Export


      Zhangjiagang Perfect Import & Export Co., Ltd. isa trading company specialized in importing & exporting Injection/Blow Mould and Table Tennis Ball & Table Tennis Racket.


      Unlike other trading company, we owns 2 factories:


      Name: Zhangjiagang Perfect Mould Co., Ltd.

      Established: 2013

      Number of Employees: 20

      Primary Business: manufacture Plastic Injection Cap Molds & Plastic Blow Bottle Molds


      Name: Suzhou Perfect Sports Goods Co., Ltd.

      Established: 2015

      Number of Employees: 30

      Primary Business: manufactureTable Tennis Ball & Table Tennis Racket




      Contact Information 

      Contact Person: Anne 
      WhatsApp/Wechat/Mobile: 0086-13862281378
      Tel/Fax: 0086-512-58980342
      Company: Zhangjiagang Perfect Import & Export Co.,Ltd.
      Add: No.3 Huatai Road, Guangkou Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China