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      No.3 Huatai Road, Guangkou Town, Zhangjiagang City, Jiangsu Province, China

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      About us

      Suzhou Perfect Sports was established in 2015,occupy 15000m2,with 70 staffs. It’s base of production for China Table Tennis College Double Happiness (Suzhou).
      Suzhou Perfect Sports is located in Suzhou Wujiang, which is only about 45 minutes drive from Shanghai.
      Suzhou Perfect Sports is focus on the development and production of high quality table tennis products, with an annual output of table tennis balls 100 million pcs and table tennis racket 3 million sets.
      Suzhou Perfect Sports obtained 12 intellectual property rights, including 3 invention patents, and was awarded “Jiangsu private scientific and technological enterprise” 、”Jiangsu small and medium technology-based enterprises” 、”High and new technology product certificate” etc.