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      Process _Sports

      Table tennis
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      We use the most mature and most widely used engineering plastic ABS, table tennis is more stable, given the rigidity and hardness, toughness, impact, and at the same time has also improved cold resistance and other properties. Compared to the previous celluloid ball and acetate ball, the advantages of ABS are more prominent, please watch the film to appreciate its technological process:
      1. Stronger cold and heat resistance.
      With ABS as main ingredient of table tennis in - 40 ~ 100 ℃ temperature range use, non-flammable, do the heat is not easy to brittle at low temperatures, has stronger stability.
      2. Lower water absorption rate.
      The absorbent rate of celluloid is about 2%, and the water absorption rate of acetate is about 3%, while ABS absorbs water less than 1%. The water absorption rate is lower, the influence of wet environment on ABS ping-pong weight is smaller, and the friction on the surface of the ball is smaller, and it is not easy to produce slippery phenomenon.
      3. Smaller deformation.
      ABS shrinkage rate of 0.4% ~ 0.4%, and the deformation smaller, make table tennis better roundness, and higher performance consistency, even in large power and high speed strike case, still can maintain good stability.
      4. Better flexibility and speed.
      Compared with the original acetate fiber, ABS has a higher hardness, better elasticity and faster ball delivery.
      5. Better production technology, sophisticated technology.
      Using "hot runner technology", that is, under the condition of high temperature, raw material directly molding for half sphere, then combine the two and a half spherical ball shell of molding forming, mould precision control, can make the roundness of table tennis.